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Thread: What a day :)

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    What a day :)

    First time out since I put all the go fast goodies on:
    Riva grate
    Vortec impeller
    no opas
    through hull exaust
    riva air intake (going to change this to something of my own design)

    All I have to say is and This thing was hauling ass. The colder temps didn't hurt. Without the opas and with the new grate this thing handles so much better. Feels much more predictable in the chop.

    The whole point in me going out today was to see what my new top speed is, but like the moron I am I forgot the gps at home I was at 8150 all day long. Back in July and August I would be at 7950-8000 and the dream-o-meter would barely get to 70, mostly bounce around at 69-70. Now at 7800-7900 the dream-0-meter is pegged at 70. THat supercharger now sounds sick.

    Met a family with an RXP and RXT out there too, hopefully we will hook up next summer and ride together.

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    8150 on a stock ECU is awsome for sure. Man id love to see that!

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