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    What mods shouldi do to my stock 1997 GP1200

    First off hello all, I am new to this forum, but not new to the world of jetskiing. I run a superjet and have it heavily modified.... I do know some what of what I am talking about, It took me a long time to learn what mods to do to my ski and where to spend the money....

    This being said, my GF has a 1997 GP1200 completely stock and it runs great... She wanst some more emph out of it though... Realisticly the whole project would be under $1000 buxs...

    What are the common and best mods to do?
    Also maybe waht are the order you woud do the mods?

    I am thinking:
    intake grate
    ride plate
    blue print her pump
    some better flowing F/A
    possibly bolt on high compression head or get stock one cut
    a set of pipes if they come up.....

    Those are the mods we will probably do, I jsut dont know what types of any of taht are the best.

    All your help and time is greatly aprechiated!!!


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    good list.

    don't waste your time blueprinting the pump.

    pipes are too much $$$ at least for the budget you posted.

    I would go with the rest of the stuff on your list and throw in an AAT. Also get a 5degree nozzle from a 99. it's worth about 1mph on top.

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    dam addicted, you beat me to the punch on the 5 degree nozzle!

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    thanks guys.. i will go throught my list... but i dont know aht to buy as in what kinda of prop or grate and such this is where i need teh help...


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    cool i liek the idea of a 5 deg nozzle, what does this do to help is it like a 5 deg down thing... where do i find them used....

    also im familiar with wetwolfs studd i have a cone on my superjet... can anyone do better than 180 tho for this machine!

    Thanks guys keep the recomendations comming

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    Welcome to the forum. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the stock plastic trim tabs, if they have not already broke off. If they are still attached to the hull, I promise you they are sagging in the middle and are slowing the ski down 3-5 mph. You need to replace them with billet aluminum tabs. Riva, Pro-tec, and Tau-Ceti made these at one time. If you can't find a pair of these, you can have some made.

    The five degree nozzle actually is angled 5 degrees upward for better topend. The 98's and 99's came with this stock.

    Get some air filters, primer kit, and a solas XO prop. For topend I recommend getting an R&D ride plate and have Group K modify it for you.

    If you are willing to spend $1,100 dollars just send the head & cylinders to Group K and have them set up their pump gas sleeper kit.

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    I'D say order..plate,grate,f/a's,mill 'stock' head,impeller...this order seems to me the most logical in reguards to effects on the ski and the impact on performance... also definetly check your trim tabs (see If you have them,if plastic, replace them asap!!)Bruce had the gp aat's on sale recently ,send him a p/m (WETWOLF)
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    Ill lookin to the trimtabs.... where can i buy them

    The 5 deg nozzle sounds good, it already has the QSTS though....

    We are still at the jury for what plate, grate, and prop to get....

    Can you guys be more specific on what ones you like.... she inst all about top end, its gotta hook up good off the bat also....

    Ill check into getting the head milled localy... is there anything you should tell me here or will the guy know what to do....

    Thanks guys you are helping me tons!!!

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    R&D plate for speed/ Jim's SPEED CUT.... For stock cylinder head, have some one like GROUP K OR PROTECH do it ,to mill the deck is not enough, the dome's must be recut also...the Grate..get a top load for in the rough... a nice 2 bar for speed, RD/RIVA ...f/a 's find a good deal, their pretty much the same now,find stainless if possible (get outerwears too)IMPELLERS....You can find a variety on Ebay (xo,xj)...I sent mine to an established bender (ISLAND).They will verify and true it,If you can, call or p/m Carl. He will ask what you have ,QUIZ as to what you want out of the ski and recommend the best one .Trim tabs ...I'm not sure if any one offers new anymore , bought my 97's, (long billet), from RIVA about two years ago....My 2 cents...
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    I'm pretty sure Riva still sells the trim tabs.

    I have a question in regards to this thread. How much more responsive is the ski when adding F/A's? I have been thinking about doing this to my stock ski, but I'm wondering how noticeable it is. Does it require rejetting, or can you adjust the high/low speed?

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