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Thread: Wieght & Speed

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    Wieght & Speed

    63.5 on 20 gallons.
    64.7 on half tank indicator.
    65.8 five minutes on the buzzer.

    These numbers were posted with a rider who I was told is in the 300lbs range. {Common for American Male in there 40's.}

    So if one wieghs in at a uncommon 150lbs does that mean the boat will pick up 2 more mph? These numbers seem to piont in that direction.

    So with the right jockey on your boat, it seems that 67.8 is not unreasonable.

    Just stiring the pot some, I didnt get to the lake today. Got cold, it dropped to 69 all the sudden. Wooh it was a close one, could have been caught on the lake when that cold front blew in. Had to rush home to cover up the Palm Trees.

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    Skip, what lake do you usually go to?

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    Underhill or Lake Mary Jane. No really its called Lake Mary Jane "Moss Park"

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    Hmnnn I've actually seen where a larger rider has pulled off a better top speed when that weight is transfered to the rear of the ski and the nose brought up.
    I could only imagine if the rider was in the "normal" position a lighter rider should pick up some speed..........curios.

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    you will pick up some some speed. Plus I was on a 1300ft lake... more speed. Plus I still don't know how much gas was left...possibly more speed.

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