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    Ridin Gear: Slippery,Jetpilot,Helmets... Discounts?

    I'm gettin ready for some cold weather riding. Drysuits are expensive, not fashionable ... I want the Slippery Switch Pants, some sort of Cool lookin cold water jacket, and a cool helmet. What do the racers use for helmets?

    i figure a helmet will be more comfortable than building up layers of neoprene, hoods, goggles, ear muffs, etc... helmet would keep my whole face warmer, deflect water, and keep my nose from gettin snot all over my cheeks when doing 70 in the middle of the winter what do the racers wear for helmets because i figure they must have good stuff that repells water and keeps a clear vision in front of them.. full face enclosed helmet?

    between a full slippery 2 piece wetsuit underneath, then wear the switch pants and a jacket over that with a helmet, i should be set?

    oh wait, no... i need gloves and footwear also (left my matrix gloves at the launch ramp at the start of the season, they were gone when i came back) ... but those gloves weren't very warm anyways, and i always ride barefoot, so whats a good boot/shoe for warmth and dryness?

    OF COURSE... where's the cheapest place to get all this stuff? ebay almost never has the switch pants, but tosn of wetsuit which i already have. and if they ebay dos have it, then it's not my size who's got slippery and/or jetpilot gear the cheapest?

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    wait til Dec or Jan whenSlippery's new 06 models come out! I have a HJC helmet that I use for Racing!

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