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    123hrs and no issues to report!

    Oil changes done at 10, 25, 50, 102hrs. Original spark plugs pulled ans checked at 95hrs - like new!

    No cracks in the hull, no leaks, don't know what else to say.

    Anyone with high hours on theirs and still running strong?

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    Was BS'ing w/ two of my favorite techs (Joe Testani and Eric Burton) in Havasu yesterday. Both recommend changing plugs in 4-strokes ~every 25 hrs to maintain peak performance. Due to the high temps, insulation apparently breaks down gradually with no obvious change in performance. Plugs still look great and ski runs smoothly. But both said max RPM will be gradually be falling off... 10, 20, 30, 50 RPM.

    They also said when changing the oil filter, make certain the old filter gasket did not unknowingly stick to the block. Double gaskets = leak.
    Just passing this along fwiw.

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    Just got my 2011 vxs back from the dealer after catastrophic engine failure...the cam chain jumped the sprocket bent every valve in the engine among a great deal of other problems. They replaced all the pistons, rings, valves, etc. A $2,500 fix all completely covered under warranty. While it was there I had two safety recalls taken care of as well...thrust nozzle and exhaust clamp. I'm pumped that it was a covered fix but it took four weeks...lame. I think I have to break it in again as if it was new cause it is almost an entirely new engine. They said this was very rare for a yamaha, and that's what I have heard from everyone else.....either way I'm almost out of summer here in michigan so I'm gonna have to hit it hard to make.up for lost time in August.

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    Glad to hear you are back on the water. Did they say what the cause was?

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    How many hours did you have when it blew?

  7. #96 I said they said this was unheard of for Yamaha...Sea-Doos are junk and the mechanic said they have all sorts of problems so he's used to it from them but not Yammy.

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    He said the cam chain "snapped"...I said holy sh#@! Hey what are some options for replacing the intake grate? Is it worth it...wll I notice a difference and is it something I can do myself?

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    My VXR was a little strange, he had lost his grip,
    I changed the spark plugs in 100 hours and the worm has turned,
    was great ..

    recommend changing the spark plugs with 100h

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    Sold my VXR last week

    I just wanted to chime in one last time and say this is BY FAR the best waverunner I have ever owned. Not a single issue (aside from the pump cone recall and ride plate mounts leaking a little). Rode 95% in saltwater, flushed after every use. There was never a point in time where I felt I would be stranded or something was going to go wrong. I rode it pretty hard at times but never beat the shit out of it.

    The engines have come a long way since my last jetski (2006 FXHO) and I will purchase one again when the time comes.

    Take it easy!

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    Anybody ever have any issues not being able to get to redline? I cannot get my VXR upto 60mph or even 6000rpm. Learner mode is down power and RPM too, couldnt even get 30mph out of L-Mode.

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