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    Your input on this please

    I have an 03 ski with jims plate on it. I wanted to remove the 2inch spacer from the back so i can trim the boat up more....will this help. i'm aware that you haft to buy new cables and a shaft.

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    I think the spacer gives you more speed.
    Keep it.

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    i just dont understand how making the nose tilt down IE 2inch spacer will give you more speed. trim up less drag more speed.????

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    If I'm not mistakin the 2 inch set back offers no gain in top end,but does slightly improve holeshot & hookup in the rough.I dont run one so its hearsay,but thats what I hear they say

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    One thing that has not ben discssed here is that not many 1300R's have not suffered from the broken crank snout because the spacer allows the pump to remain primed. KEEP IT. YOU WILL GAIN NOTHING!!!!.

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