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    RXP jumping ability

    Hi everyone. Im new to this board and have been reading everything I can in the past couple of weeks. The info has been great. I have been thinking of buying a 06 left over RXP but wonder if it would be the best for how I like to ride. Its been a while since I have owned a PWC but I dont think my riding style has changed. My last PWC was a 96 XP. I loved that sea doo but wouldnt have minded a little more speed. I will be riding at the Lake of the Ozarks so jumping waves and a two seater is a must. I have never really liked the way three seaters ride. I wonder how the RXP jumps because it is so much heaver than my old XP. I am not going to mod whatever ski I get. I want it pretty much stock. If I get a RXP I would modify the ceramic washers an maybe go to metal clutch but thats it. The other skis I have been looking at are a used XPL or yamaha gp1300r. I would like to buy new so I can get a warranty but used skis are more within my budget. Any info you riders could give me would be greatly appreaciated.

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    sorry about the double post. If you are a moderator please delete this thread. Thank you

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    You can't go wrong with the GPR, '03 and newer. That is the lightest of the two and feels closer to the 96 XP. But the RXP is very quick AND fast stock, but it's a little heavy. They are opposites and both have their strong points, that is why I have an RXP. I've had three GPR's and it was time for something different. I love the RXP and don't regret it a bit.

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