OK, I've seen them in there. Now, Any tips on the proccess? Make the hole in the pad bit smaller for a snug fit? Does the unit go all the way through the plastic backing on the pad or do I drill 2 holes for the mount screws & wiring?
My guage is 1 1/16" total from front to rear & 3/4" from bezel to rear deep.
I got the Nordskog 16psi guage. I already threw a bead of The right stuff around the back side of the bezel & goop'd up around the wiring. I'm afraid to put a bead on the bezel/face in fear of scratching up the lense when wiping off the residue. But i'm sure it has to be done. The only thing I didn't realize is it has a reset button on the face & that is an opening for water to get in!