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    Raider / GP Intake Duct ??'s

    I'm wanting to put a 1200 motor in a 701 Raider hull. The pump i'm wanting to use is a 155mm GP pump setup. Does anyone know what differences there are between the 1100 Raider intake duct and pump setup vs the GP 155mm pump stuff. I already have a GP pump, that's why i'm asking.

    Thanks gp

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    It will bolt in..make sure you use the Raider 1100 intake grate ,it is smaller and will keep your speed the same...the gp1200 grate is larger in the opening,,but if this is a 701 Raider
    check to see if there is 6 mounts in there...I dont think so, the 1100 Raiders could have either a 2 cylinder in them or a 3 cylinder, because of the extra mounts..........I have heard stories that some 701 DELUXE, and some 760 Raiders had 6 mounts let us know..
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