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    What part number did you order for spare hub/bearing/cap/nut from Knott? I just got a pair of the single/doubles and want to have some spare parts since it looks like it's going to be hard to find stuff soon. Also, if anyone could send me some photos of how the rear of the trailer couples together I would really appreciate it. I'm going to have to fabricate the part myself. I was able to find the front part of the system but I can't find the rear coupler anywhere. Thanks!

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    I wanted to contribute my recent experience since I was helped a lot by this thread...

    The hubs must be getting rare as the prices are no longer $40 that I could find, but Knott-Autoflex has some for $75 each shipped (they were out of stock for a month until this week.) Other sites had them for closer to $100.

    They offered the full replacement axle for $275 shipped which I took them up on, as the new axle uses a normal hub/bearing so I will be done with dealing with these silly failing sealed things for good! Part number is 6AB273.001, and they were very helpful over email and phone.

    David was the rep I worked with at
    and he was quite helpful.

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    $275 shipped is a steal. Throw up a picture when you get it. I might order one as a spare. I paid $125 or so for a complete hub to have as a spare since I have a pair of the double single trailers. Thanks!!!!

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