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    Red face kawasaki stx-15f 2008

    I have a 2008 stx-15f kawasaki with approx. 70 hours and it runs great. Sometimes after fully warmed-up, when I stop for a while it cranks but will not re-fire. I have read that it might be the air inlet sensor. Anyone else had this problem? thanks

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    Nope, it's not the air inlet sensor.
    But it might be the water temp sensor on the exh pipe & and the oil temp sensor on the crankcase.
    Try the new P/N 21176-0741 (same P/N for both sensors).

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    It has happened a time or two with all of my 15f's and many that I have ridden with. I don't know what causes it but it will start after a few tries or a little rest. The unfortunate part is it usually happens when a group is waiting for me. This goes back to my first one in '04 and still happens now.

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    thanks mgm. I think I will try replacing the water temp. sensor in exhaust manifold. If this is not the problem how do I get to the oil temp sensor on the crankcase? Thanks for the help, I will keep you informed. May be a month or two as this does not happen often!

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    To be effective, you should replace the both sensors because the ECU uses signals from both sensors to calculate the F/A mapping.
    When you shut off the engine, the heat sensors retain the heat longer than the combustion. In other words, temp at the sensors is higher than the cylinders, thus F/A mapping by ECU is too lean and can't start the engine. If you wait enough, the temp on the sensors and cylinders come close and the engine is able to start.

    The sensor on the crankcase can be unscrewed just like on the pipe. However, all the engine oil would drain out. It's best to change the sensor when you are doing an oil change. But still some oil would leak out as soon the sensor is removed. So, be ready.

    Also, make sure you get the EXACTLY the same P/N sensor I wrote above. If a dealer gives you some other P/N saying that they are the same, DO NOT ACCEPT because they are not the same!

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    Thanks for all the info mgm! I have been talking to various Kawasaki parts suppliers and they tell me the part # for the water temp sensor on my 2008 stx-15f is 21176-3758. Can you shed any light on which is correct?

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    Re: kawasaki stx-15f 2008

    Whatever p/n mgm gave you is correct.


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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeysevin View Post
    Whatever p/n mgm gave you is correct.

    The 21176-3758 number is correct, but the 21176-0741 number MGM gave you is the newest number and we are hoping that it was updated and performs without fail, unlike the older ones. Get the 0741's for sure if you are replacing both.

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    Thanks for the reply MGM. Just ordered the sensors and was reading the kawasaki repair manual, on line. The repair manual states when installing the water temp sensor on stx-15f, remove the exhaust manifold for the oil filling in the hollow of exhaust manifold. Then fill the hollow of the exhaust manifold with the engine oil (10W-30), before installing the sensor. Do I need to do this to simply replace the sensor? What kind of message does this sensor send to the computer? Does it adjust the fuel and air mixture, or just send a yes or no the start the engine? It did this again the other day, and it took about an hour before it would fire. any additional help is greatly appreciated! jim

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    Hope you get the correct P/N 21176-0741.
    My dealer is telling me that P/N is not available yet because it is a new part.

    The sensor does two things.
    1. It triggers the over heat warning to the dash meter via ECU which sets the ski into "limp home" mode.
    2. ECU uses the ohm signal from the sensors to calculate th proper Fuel/Air ratio for both 'starting' and 'running'.

    For the oil filling in the sensor cavity of the exh pipe (there needs to be some kind of heat transfering medium), you can just use white lithium grease to fill in instead of liquid engine oil. In that way, you don't have to remove the exh pipe from the engine. Same must be done for the oil temp sensor as well.

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