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    Auto parts, OEM or aftermarket?

    can you believe what a pain in the azz it is to find sh!t for the Xterra
    Most auto parts stores don`t stock or can`t get a freakin serp belt...
    the local store here can have one for me by 2:00pm, ok but it`s $51.00 +tax
    the local Nissan dealer has them in stock and they want $15.00, which is good, but what would you rather have, OEM or Dayco belt...I dunno

    I could have 3 OEM belts for the price of the aftermarlet one...
    I have 31000 on the OEM and it just squeeks to much, wear is normal, to much road salt on the belt I guess.

    what will make the Dayco cog belt better...
    Is it quieter? will it last more than 31000?

    Damn it HOSS where are ya!?...LOL...PR...

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    OEM all the way. I do on my Jeep. Certain things I went aftermarket for durability,,clutch, rearend, radiator, cold air, exhaust, brakes, tires. But an item like this,,,oem. More than likely its a good year belt. Check all the grooves on pulleys. If one has rust in it then it`ll cause premature wear and noise. Even one slightly bent. Check bearing play in idler and tensioner,,,wobble creates heat on belt,,,excessive wear.

    Nissan doesn`t release alot of patents,neither does Mazda. Parts are hard to get aftermarket unless re-design like a cold air intake. Replacement parts can take up to 10 years to hit auto parts stores.

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    In some cases like subaru,the a/c belts are made by gates.....which is aftermarket.I use nothing but oe parts,better quality.My personal opinion.

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    There are VERY few parts that I will buy OEM. I drive a Chevrolet and will NOT buy Delco ignition, just for an example. It is TOTAL junk. About the only thing I would buy from the dealer would be window lift motors, wiper motors, and some other little things. Pale, what year model is your Xterra?

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    Thank you guys for your input!
    Jeff: it`s an 05 Xterra SE with 4.0L/auto...
    yeah I just went and bought the OEM belt from the dealer. Online it`s 6.95 at the dealer it is $15.XX... but atleast I have it in my hand right now to install later...PR...

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    Andy As fuel goes Do you use OEM rice or Uncle Bens I think the Uncle Bens Long Grain will give you better mileage in your NISSAN LOL

    See you tomorrow my brother.

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