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    Mod Intake Grate ?

    Anyone using or hear of an intake grate being used on these boats other than the stock weed tines? Wondering if a pwc intake would either help loading the boat impeller(s) or not worth the trouble.

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    I wanted one but...

    one doesn't seem to exist, and there might be a reason for that. The more I study the subject, it seems one could hinder performance rather than help. Our boats' rear-ends stay planted so well in the water already (compared to a ski). I read a lot of opinions from ski owners who say it's not worth it unless you are riding out in the ocean or in severe chop most of the time. I've ridden my 150 through whitecaps, and the pump never came unloaded, nor did I seem to lose much speed. Sometimes, I'll do a 360 and experience a little cavitation, and wonder if a performance intake grate would help that, but then I remember that one would surely take a couple of mph of my topend speed.

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    Thanks for your thoughts . . . makes sense. I was just curious as to whether any had come up with a twist on the boat pump intakes. Guess not. Mine are wide open with no grate & seem to function fine. Like you said, these boats don't really come unhooked, and when they do no grate is going to make a difference.

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