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    Riva Stage 2 Upgrade to Stage 3...what is needed?

    Can anyone help, im upgrading my 04 RXP with a Riva stage 2 kit to a stage 3 Riva kit? what do i need to buy or change out?Like to keep as many stage 2 parts as i can, I know i have to change impeller,fuel inj, and so on. Any tips?anyone have parts for sale that I can use in the upgrade?Riva intake grate? Thanks JIM

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    you will need the metal Intercooler pipes... the plastic ones will melt and deform with the increased heat and boost of the stage 3 kit

    check for the updated Riva plumbing kit which is sold separately

    if u buy Riva products from there, there's a 10% discount at checkout if you enter the coupon code "greenhulk"

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    Metal IC pipes, 42 inj, skat 15/19r prop & Riva stage III SC and your done.
    If you want to stay on the "cheap" side otherwise you can add more stuff like ECU and stuff. I'll be going with the above mods soon.

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    A true Stage III needs the #50 injectors, ECU and Valve Train upgrade.
    if your not doing 8100+RPMs your not at Stage III level.

    Boosted's reccomendations will get you close though

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    or 42 lb injectors, rr stock class ecu, rr light weight retainers & shims, riva s3 s/c, metal i/c pipes with riva s3 bov & u could use a 15/20 & repitch also a riva 4'' rear air intake would be a nice touch
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    You can go to the online store and look at the added parts in the stage 3 kit compared to the stage 2 kit.

    Will let you know what parts you already have and what ones you need to add.

    Also check out this thread:

    Let's you know what parts from different manufactures work with each other.

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    If you now have a Riva Stage 2 kit and you want to update to the Riva Stage 3 you will need the following parts.

    Riva Racing ECU
    Riva 50# injectors
    Riva Stage 3 supercharger update
    Riva valvetrain upgrade
    Riva Pro Series BOV/aluminum plumbing upgrade
    Riva / Skat 15/19R impeller

    The above parts will boost you to a Riva Stage 3.

    The following parts are highly recommended:
    Metal clutch washers
    Riva rear air intake
    Riva stainless steel wear ring
    Groco water strainer kit for intercooler

    You mention you are looking for an intake grate, but the Riva stage 2 comes with the grate. Do you have a complete Riva stage 2 kit?

    Welcome to the forum!
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    jerry i was wondering what would b better the rr stock class ecu with 42 lb inj or riva's ecu with the 50 lb inj on the riva stage III i know what riva claims i'll be like the riva stage III pretty much except 4 the ecu & inj haven't gotten any #'s on mine yet

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    The Riva ECU with 50's

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    I would get the RR solid mount, if not done so yet.

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