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    96 Waveblaster II. Good replacement prop?

    I just acquired a 96 wbII. Name says it all!! What a blast to ride. If that lower hull section was on my raider it would be awesome! Anyone used an aftermarket prop that they were happy with on the wbII? Stock 760 perfect compression. Thx

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    Hey there ars2xltraider,

    I have to do the same to mine. Hopefully someone with some know how will post. I have been thinking the Solas YD-CD-11/14 which is what is recommended as a stock replacement. I'm also going to put on a fully stainless housing so that my problem of the housing swelling and causing the prop to rub slightly won't happen again.



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    Great to know. I too saw the 11/14 replacement. Let me know if you do that swap. I would love to know. This has to be the most fun ski I have ever ridden

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    the stock prop is the best one for the stock setup. SBT will rebuild your for cheap. check your wear ring.

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