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    I would have paid good money to skip across the water. I went straight in at 73 and came to a stop in less than 30 feet. This was one of the few times I wasn't wearing a helmet. (I now wear it unless I have a girl on back acting as my speed limiter) My back still hurts from this 6 months ago and will probably never stop hurting. I don't remember most of my accident, but I do remember my life vest pulling my temporarily paralyzed body to the surface. I thought I was dead.

    Most concussion symptoms will appear some time later. I was glad the water was cold that day. This was my 5th concussion and they all have played out the same. On top of my concussion, I've probably herniated half of the discs in my back (getting MRI soon), massive whiplash all the way around, nearly broke my right wrist, nearly tore ligaments in my right knee and right toe, even though I was wearing riding boots. I always ride with boots, gloves and neoprene pants. Helmet is now on for most of my riding and a back protector vest with neck collar is next. And I hope you soon do the same.

    And yes, it is pretty sad about some people's attitude toward safety. I got some flak for calling out some people on a YT video a while back. They were 2-up stunt riding, both rider/passenger without vests, all out in the open ocean and around the Bahamas. WOT, jumping a yacht's bow wake, (which put them dangerously close to the stern), hot-dogging etc...without vests; but I was the A-Hole instead. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut, but I felt like voicing an opinion. I guess if people don't want to wear vests and such, that's their business. Darwin's law will catch up with them eventually and I won't have one ounce of sympathy.

    I hope you heal up well and glad it wasn't more serious. And BTW: Lifeline vests are not USCG rated, but are pretty serious protection. They have been a staple of boat racers for 40 years. They can take impacts of 100+, just not very flexible because of the collar. I sometimes still wear mine. Good luck with your body armor search.

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    lol I have eaten gravel 3 times in my day at speeds between 40-100+mph and I can tell everyone from first hand experience water is far easier on you than asphalt. Water hurts at speed no question about it but asphalt hurts more and tends to break bones as if there were feathers

    This was my leg after it was introduced to the asphalt at 100+mph ....and no it wasn't my fault. Needless to say I on the water more now than on a race track lol
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