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    K447 I Need your help !!! where to find new CDI AND COIL

    I did all the tests for no spark
    Read all the threads 10 times
    Coil test ok
    I think I will try to replace coil and cdi if I can find them

    BUT WHERE ????????????????????????????

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    What kind of ski do you have?

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    2001 virage tx1200

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    I have bought parts last year from don woods polaris in athens ohio but now when i call them they said they havent sold pwc parts for six years ????? And i even talked to the same guy in parts!!!!

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    I have a brand new CDI and coil I can sell you for $350, or I can sell you my entire electronics box including brand new and spark plug wires for $500. It will pretty much guarantee to solve all your electronic issues issues. New CDI, Breaker, and spark plug wires. An easy fix this way or you could be chasing the problem for a while like I did.

    I put a fresh water SL 900 in my ski. After blowing a piston twice and changing all my electronics, pulling the engine 3 times tyo fix crap I threw in the towel and found a 1996 Polaris SL 900 ski that was race modified used only in fresh water and the computer reads that it only has 30 hours on it. Purrs like a kitten now....

    So I have all the engine parts for a 2000 SLX 1200 less the MAG Piston and connecting rod up for sale. Also blew a hole in the bottom half of the engine case so thats also bad but the rest is in great shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADB View Post
    ... BUT WHERE ????????????????????????????

    There is a Parts Sources listing via my signature link

    There is the Polaris Classifieds forum on

    eBay sometimes has reasonable sellers

    Other members on here often have parts available for various reasons

    Some watercraft parts are also used on various Polaris land/snow vehicles, so of you ask by part number a non-watercraft Polaris dealer can sometimes supply (some of) the parts.

    In some cases the same parts (or a workable substitute) were also used on other brand watercraft.

    The Polaris Industries online parts listings provide cross references for what other machines used the same part number. This Polaris cross reference is not 100% accurate and some applications do not appear despite actually using the same part.

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