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    Unhappy Theft!! I'm Asking Locals for help.

    To all the people @ GreenHulk, my jetski and trailer was stolen on the 21st of this month, i'm located in miami, 2006 Gold RXP w/ 07 Karavan single trailer. Returned from Iraq 2 months ago, my lil bit of earnings went into this jetski and just like that it was stolen from my house, if anybody has any clues, anything to help a fellow member out, i cry out to you, to guide me in the right direction, it's hard to sleep at night, even harder to try to concentrate during the day time, im going crazy looking everywhere. I'll even pay for this recovery i dont care, but understand my life went into this jetski, money that i had to earn by risking it everyday down range! Please help, i know cases like this there is not much i can do but im asking for help!!!!

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    Miami, fl
    I am in Miami as well, I will keep an eye out there. I ride evrywhere Stadium, blue lagoon, etc....

    Any marks, dents that I can look for???
    Take care

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    be sure to contact your dealer and all others in the area so they can put a flag up for anyone attempting to have lanyards programmed for your ski.

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    yeah let the dealer spread the word to others.

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    That's some sad chit there.
    Why is it all the ski's being stolen are down in the miami area.
    Bunch of damn crooks and lowlifes down there,can't even buy their own
    they have to go out and steal them.I hope you find the s.o.b. and beat
    the livin #@$% out of them.That's one thing i can't hard for
    your money,buy something nice and someone has to steal it from ya.
    God forbid the sob bring it up here in va and try to sell it or part it out.
    He'll never steal anything again if i find em.

    By the way,i'm not saying miami is full of crooks by no means.
    Alot of hard working people down there.

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    Have the dealer put it in the computer , they have caught numerous people like that around philly when they come in for lanyards ...

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    the ski was brand new, it did not have decals, i can post the vin# but i dont know if that is safe on these forums, it had a scratch on the front plastic gold cover, on the right side. rear lower left had scrateches from docking... other than that if any1 needs my phone number pm me so that we can talk. thank you guys! i really do appreciate thehelp from all of you!

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    that is sum f*cked up sh*t and a damn shame.

    visit all of the dealers in your area, give them your vin# and a description. tell them to watch out for people comming in for lanyards, service..ect.

    please tell me you have insurance on it??
    i hope u find it.

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    no insurance bro, i was ganna get it too, i was waitin for the brake in period you know... I'm lost , i'm so lost!

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    did you leave the key in the ski, or you still have the key?

    both keys...

    keep your eye on ebay and the forums... they may try and tear the ski apart and sell it piece by piece

    if you still have the keys, call all the Seadoo dealers within like 250 miles! ... tell them, year, color, model, VIn #...... tell them be on the look for it if someone comes looking to program a key...

    if u left the key in the ski.... ... not good

    keep checking all the web forums for 4-tec parts that show up from usernames that aren't normally on the forums...

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