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    OK about the right turn syndrome ,RAIDERS

    There is a myth that some one started about our skis and a right turn syndrome..WE DONT HAVE ONE, that phrase was coined from the Mikuni carb manual , when the Raiders turned hard the fuel would move around because of the placement of the carbs and lean out, some one confused that syndrome with the KAWASAKI ZXI 1100 and 900 .THEY actually have a right turn syndrome ,that once you modify it the hull will swap ends sometimes when at full speed, Kawasaki actually came out with a lump(it was nicknamed the ulcer) that you riveted on the bottom of the hull to try and stop that but it didnt work and slowed it down, i have a picture somewhere of that lump they used on the hull .
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    yeah, we have yamaha's patented left hook

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    Quote Originally Posted by addicted View Post
    yeah, we have yamaha's patented left hook
    lol-i agree jeff its not a syndrome-its more like a catapult

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