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    It almost a rocket ship now

    Well I think I'm almost to the end of my issues. Its rideable now. My 99 polaris 700 slth I had to go back into the carb just could not get rid of that nasty hesitation, rough running, poor idle, and very hard start. I did the ignition update, fuel lines, check valves, rebuilt the carbs, Do not under estimate the importance of checking these two items. I knew the previous owner had been in the carbs but wow. The arm drop below the casting is so important .060. One of those arms was so far off. And this took me a little bit to figure out as well ,pop off pressure also has got to be checked 18 to 20 psi. One was 20 the other was 15, thats not going to work. I had some springs from the rebuild kits and got lucky. Don't strech the spring or cut it.
    One thing I noticed once she was fixed was the idle was to high and I believe that because it was running so poorly I had the idle turned up to compensate for very poor running.
    So now I can run it and check the plugs to make sure its not to lean. One other note to this story. After I put the new ignition kit in the timing was off. I set it as best as possible but I think I may have to retard the timing just a little, but I will let the plugs tell me what to do.
    Like many have said on this site It is almost impossible to find a service department to work on the polaris model now so you might as well figure it out yourself.
    Anyway if I can discribe anything else in some sort of detail for anyone let me know.

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    Yes....Regulator arm height on the keihins is critical I have found. I got mine set right on my SLTH and it runs great now. I have to check them on my X45 and I think that will fix my issue there as well.

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    Piston Wash patterns. Monitor the wash patterns to verify fuel ratio is in the right ballpark.

    Plug reading seems less useful for fuel delivery verification than piston wash patterns.

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    both sets of my NEW keihins had to have the arms adjusted,they were around .100 instead of .060

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