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Thread: Mine vs Hers

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    Mine vs Hers


    OK all you 4-tec gurus....

    We've got two 04 GTX LTd Doos. Hers runs 2-3 mph faster top end. Out of the hole, its quicker and sounds different than mine. Hers has a--umm-- softer sound. I can hear the SC whine in the background when its running.

    Mine has a deeper, harsher sound. No SC whine, but I assume the SC is working , otherwise I wouldnt get the same top end RPM as hers. Its a bit more sluggish out of the hole. Again, its sound is "harsher" when running.

    I looked at my wear ring from underneath-- no noticable gashes. We've got about 60 hrs on them both.
    Anyone have any thoughts ? SC slipping ? or ??


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    it could have something to do with the initial break in. Also for some reason not all skis are created equal.

    Do you weigh much more than her? That can affect the speed as well. Have you tried to switch skis?

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    Oil Level

    ..Because they both go and sound so different, could it be down to differences in oil level - not necessarily overfil, but just one ski more filled than the other??? We have noticed appreciable differences with different fill levels, together with a change in sound.

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    Change your wear ring!

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    Switch the hull registration numbers...she will never know the difference !!

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