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    I raced a RXP today................

    I have been wanting to see how my RXP would line up to a stock RXP. Well after dusting off about 5 ultras two with some mods, a gp1200r (mods) a 15F, we all ran across a guy that I met last summer on the lake with his RXP. Last sumer when we would race we could not pull away fomr each othere it was neck and neck. Well this summer is goin gto be diffrent, we made three stright line runs. I pulled him off the line by 3-4 ski lenghts and did not look back. I have the River power filter, OPAS block offs, sponsons, top loader grate and what make this combo rocks is PPG repitched solas. I knew it was faster on acceleration and top end speed but to know how strong the RXPs are stock and to improve on that is just even more sick. I can not think how much faster the guys like jerry and others that are running the SC impeller, ECU and intercooler are able to kee the ski in the water. I give the RXP another month and guys out there will be doing 80mph all day on a full tank.

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    That is great news Jr.! Yes, the sc impeller, ecu and intercooler make a world of difference. It blows your mind. I hear it blows your mind all over again once you port your head and add the racing cam. I cant wait to get my head back

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    Dam that is what's so scarry. The stock RXP is guick and fast. I have just small very small mods and I am like DAM. so mind blowing is hitting the nail on the head

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