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    RXP needs more speed

    Went out today on my Stage 1 RXP and topped out at 71 GPS. I am ready for more. What kind of gains can I expect from the following:

    Riva SC impeller
    Riva Intercooler
    Thru Hull
    Solas 15/20

    I will to get to 80 eventually.

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    74+ With above mentioned mods.

    But just for a few more buck,
    I would go Riva STG III SCer impeller and houseing.
    42 lb injecters
    Riva Pro IC
    Skat 15-19
    4inch intake.

    I bet you run 78+

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    i wouldn't wast my time on the riva s/c fan 4 about the same price do the rr s/c or a few $ more the riva s3 s/c with 42 lb injectors & if ur planing on going 80 go with the riva s3 s/c & 42 lb injectors
    speed its an addiction $$$$$$$$

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    A prop, IC and RR ECU alone will put ya above 75... The riva sc wheel is not a good choice go with the RR sc impeller.

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    the rude charger and a fuel controller is a great start to 80

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    80 will be really hard if possible at all in the heat without sum sort of sc kit like b kit or Rude sc.... I had just about all go fast parts {stock motor} and never did hit 80 in the heat. I hit 79 one time after a rain but averaged 77.5-78.5 until I installed b kit and 4 " air intake. Went 81.5 dead heat in August. Of coarse in the cool its all over the chip and I dont feel like bending a brand new 4 blade so 82.5 is sitting up on the seat.@8580 and 80mm ring with a 3" shuttle, longest bolt... Plus its COLD AS A MF!!!

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    low 80's is possible with the riva s3 s/c & the right combination of bolt on's from what i've heard but in the heat i'm not sure but i'll know first hand this summer i'll b running a riva s3 s/c, stage II, 4'' rear intake, rr stock class ecu, rr cam, 42 lb inj, 81 ring, r&e block offs & a # of other bolt on items on my 04 rxp
    speed its an addition $$$$$$$$

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