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    Need Advice for Carb Settings on virage 2004

    Hi, all

    I have rebuild the carb with original kit,
    Changed spark plugs,
    ,but I have problem in accelerating from idle speeds.
    No problem in idle. it works well, but when I give the throttle the engine stops like choked.
    I have adjust the carb low speed zero to 3/4 turn to factory settings, it still the same.

    The interesting point is when I have travel about 5 minutes there is no problem it begins to accelerate well,
    When I stop and wait one hour it still the same

    Thanks for answers

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    You're accelerator pump is either stuck, clogged, or just flat out not working. Search the forums here....there's a lot covering this problem.

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    Yes, there is no fuel comming from accelerator pump, but its not cloogged nor stuck, I had noticed the pump loosed its strenght,
    Also I could not find the original pump, Can you give me some adress to find ? Or bypass it ?

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