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    The strainer is the part (upper) of the pump. It is just bunch of drilled tiny holes (1~2 mm) on the top of the pump under the rectangular cover.
    This is what I meant.

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    Is there enough water coming out of the pisser on the right side & how hot is the water to the touch. Before going again use an air compresser & blow through the cooling lines, start the engine out of the water & then blow compressed air into the pisser also, only run it long enough to give a couple bursts of air into it. Sounds like there could be sand or weed fragments in a cooling line somewhere, a partial blockage that shows up under full throttle when the motor makes more heat.

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    Hey guys Iíve got a problem with my 15f 2008 stx after about 15 minutes it comes up with heat warning Iíve checked the whole cooking system for blockages tested both sensors changed engine oil etc Iím lost now

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    On my Ultra LXs I found that one of the cooling line hoses coming off the pump had a slight kink in it. The book call for both sides to use the same hose, but one should be slightly longer than the other. Looks like the -15F has the same setup.

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    Noid, did you ever figure out the problem? I was having the identical problem. Hoses ALL clear and no other external leaking water. My solution turned out to be that the Exhaust muffler (straight 18" long section under the exhaust manifold) had an internal corrosion hole on the inner diameter of the pipe that could not be seen from the outside. When the cooling water made it's way from the back left side of the ski to the water inlet nipple on that straight pipe section...the water was basically being sucked straight out of the water cooling jackets by the venturi force of the exhaust pressure and not allowing the water to fill up the muffler pipe. Additionally, the water that comes around from the rear right side of the ski goes straight to the oil cooler first...and then the hose wraps around the front of the motor and gets connected into the bottom of the exhaust manifold pipe set. That water is supposed to mix with the other water and then it gets forced up through the manifold and through the motor's cooling jackets. I'm sure that the oil cooler water supply was also getting mostly sucked out through this rotted hole in the bottom of the pipe which was causing my ski to overheat "HEAT" and alarming. It would take about 5 to 10 minutes for this alarm to get set off and then the ski would run like crap. Another symptom to add to this post for posterity sakes is when I cooled the ski off eventually and limped to shore at idle, the pisser started to piss erratically and there was steam coming out alternating with water. It would pulse water out for about 4 seconds and then steam for 4 seconds. Rinse and repeat. I guess the water pressure would build up till it filled up the pisser line and then would get sucked out the exhaust pipe end causing the remaining water to steam inside the hot pipe. Hope this helps someone in the future when jet skis fly instead of sinking...
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    This is all good information. I ran into a guy locally who had overheating problems with their STX15's and their solution was the "double cooling" mod mentioning drilling or boring out a cooling passage somewhere. I can't find any literature on it. If anyone knows anything about the mod please chime in. I have my 15fs apart.

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    I have personally never heard of that. On the Riva Vortech boats they run double feeds under the intake manifold but they are also 400+ hp...


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