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    Noob looking to buy and got a few ???'s

    PWCManiac invited me to the boards from another one.

    Been scouring some forums for a few weeks now, doing tons of searches and just reading back 10+ pages of threads.

    Co-Worker of mine has an 05' FXHO which me and another co worker have been able to ride a little bit in the last few months. I've been wanting a Ski for 6+ yrs and now my other friend is hooked. So we're both looking at picking up FXHO's each. Though i'm still a little bit on the fence now, also starting to looking at the STX 15F.

    We did our first scouting trip yesterday, went down to Jet Ski of Miami and MotorSport USA. Did some talking and negotiating and best we could get was 10,300, Aluminum Trailer for $680, and a gear pkg from Jet Ski Miami. And the best number would could get out of Motorsport was 11,800 out the door with a gal trailer, gear pkg, and they were tossing their PDI charge out the window. My friend who already owns an FXHO bought his from MotorSport in 05. This was all for offering to take two ski's off their hands at one time.

    Neither had any left over 06's which would have been nice, specially since i like the 06 Blue FXHO better than the black yellow and red 07's. These deals any good? They really wouldn't budge much, but it was our first outing. We plan to hit most of the shops down here and the Boat show is coming up on Feb 15th.

    Anybody have any suggestions on good shops to go to or anybody that gives forum members deals?

    Really appreciate any info, thanx alot!

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    I Got Two 2007 Ho.yamaha For Sale $6.500 Each Low Hours My #786 402 8252

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    PM Sent....

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