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    old ski no spark

    I just bought what was supposed to be a 1993 wave runner but after looking up the HIN i find it is an 88 model.
    It cranks well but no spark. The previous owner was older had had used the ski the last 4 years without problem. This year however it did not start when he put it in the water.
    I would like to know how to test the components to find the problem.

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    I have this similar problem with both of my 1988 models. I have another post on here with the manual pages attached showing the test procedure. After I tested mine, I still haven't resolved the problem and I need help interpreting the results I got. I hate to spend money on parts I can't return If it is something I don't need.
    I would LOVE TO KNOW what you find out that is wrong with yours.

    Email is


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    It's very possible the wires in the spark plug leads are broken and not making good contact. Pull the plug caps off and inspect. I like to have a 1/4" of bare wire at the ends of the leads.

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    check you start stop switch they have a habbit of going bad. check the leads with a multimeter and use a manual or download one. yamaha start stop swtiches are pretty much the same

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