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    94 SL750 impellar

    I was thinking of upgrading the impellar system on my SL. It's completely stock and I want a little more out of it. Any suggestions on what impellar system to get or any other mods?

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    cdyer Welocme to the hulk. Extended Pump,Ride Plate,Intake Grate. Have you gone through the fuel system/carbs???

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    The extended jetpump would be your best improvement (2-3 MPH and better steering) but it will run you around $400 for it used and the other parts required to make it work. Skat Trak swirl impellers are supposed to give a noticeable increase in out of the hole acceleration, but not really known for top speed numbers. Polaris PRO 785 used a Nu Jet for a few years, so they've got to be pretty good for Polaris to put it on the factory race ski. Solas???? Sorry I know nothing of them, except they look the nicest.

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