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    Buying 06 GP1300R Good Deal? What to Look For?

    Hi guys...I'm new here and have never owned a waverunner. I have a couple friends that have them, and I've always had a blast out riding them. This year I've decided that I wanted to get one, and I made up my mind on a newer 1300. I haven't seen it yet, but I am going to be picking it up this weekend. It has a little over 40 hours on it and suppose to be in great condition. Is that too many hours for a one year old machine? I was told that he didn't buy it until Sept. of last year and only had it out a couple of times. Is there anything that I need to look for or check out before I hand over the cash for this thing?

    They are asking a little under 7k with a 2-place trailer, does that seem like a good deal? Has anybody know of any better deals out there right now?

    I also plan on doing some mods to the ski, would buying a used stock one be my best bet or should I look for an already modded one?

    Thanks for any input for the newbie.

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    welcome i would buy the 04 JD1 has for sale ---stgII with port add a Jims plate and should be running 77-78 save a bunch of coin

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    Welcome Stiffy !!!

    Good choice on getting a GPR. 40hrs is not too much if it has been taken care of. The one Nate is talking about is already set-up with all the goodies.

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    That's a hell of a deal right there.

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    go with nater785p on this thats one clean ski that needs nothing and belive me it WILL save you loads in the long run,
    welcome to forum

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    If you decide to buy the 2006 do a compression check.

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    Also your location will make a difference on how good the deal is. Prices can be alot different in different parts of the country. If you plan to modify, JDs boat is the way to go. If your not modifying I would shop dealers and buy one brand new with the full waranty. This time of year I've seen new ones in the $7500 range. Then you not only have the waranty, the better financing if wanted, the new smell but also the piece of mind knowing it hasnt been rode hard and put away wet (pun intended).

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    Man, that is clean. Hell of a deal.

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