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    Powdercoat!! Yes Or No?????

    Ive been trying to decide whether to powdercoat my gpr engine or just spray it with high temp engine enamel,,the entiire engine has been beed blasted and is completely disassembled,its just im not sure if its worth the hassle of powdercoating,,every little nick and cranny,bolt thread has to be taped up or plugged plus it cost 10 times as much,,if these gpr engines are powdercoated from the factory it is the softest coating ive ever seen,,,,it came off the easiest of any ive ever blasted,,,im really leaning towards the high temp engine enamel its much easier ,what do most of you guys think?

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    I had my trailer powder coated, total cost $650, $300 of it was sand blasting. I prefer powdering coating over paint due to durability of powder coat if done right. I have had crappy powder coating done in the past, where the coat would flake off in huge pieces showing nothing but rusty metal, I don't use that place anymore. If it was my engine I would powder coat it, but if cost is a major player in your decision then the enamel paint will be the way to go, if not done right it will look like s**t from the runs.

    As for the factory paint job, it's just that paint, not powder coating. Powder coating when done correctly is a pain to get off but can come off using an abresive blasting material, just takes awhile.

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    I deal with powder coating all the time in my buisness , just make sure you do as you say and put tape in the screw holes, when done run a tap over the threads. and should clean off okay. If you want a durable finish have the powder sprayed on thick or as some say doube coat, then you could have it clear coated over, depending on your budget. The cleaner the metal the better, if need be use 4 and half inch flapper disc about 60 grit. Hopefully this was helpfull.

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    Have you considered clear coating the bead blasted aluminum? I have several parts on my Lightning that are bead blasted and clear coated, and I love the way it looks.

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    What works very well for me is to clean and mask the parts carefully, spray with 2 or 3 coats of Rustoleum Satin (black in this case for me), let air dry about 30 minutes, then bake in the oven at 275 for 2 hours. This makes for a very professional and durable look, that looks and acts just like the factory. You can remove masking tape before baking if you are carefull, or after if you want. I do this with all auto and other parts that will fit in an oven. If you don't bake, it takes like forever to dry and never seems to really get hard.

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