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    Seadoo 787 Counter Balance Bearing Question

    I am replacing the bearing on my counter balance. the seals bearing is a SKF 0304-2RS1/c3 the open bearing is a phenolic cage bearing SKF 6304 ETN9/C3 which is currently on backorder and only stocked in Italy. I noticed BRP updated the part number for this bearing does anyone know what the new SKF bearing is?

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    I would just put the sealed bearing in there if it is available. This countershaft bearing design was really shitty in the first place. The open bearing is intended to get lubed via the fact that cavity is open to the PTO side crankcase, and oil mist from the injection system works its way down into that bearing via gravity, as it is lower than the crankcase. But what happens in practice is condensation (and water if you flood the engine) also sits there and corrodes the bearing. Once water is in there it cannot come out unless you remove the little drain plug underneath the bearing area, and it is really hard to take it out in most skis.

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    I know it's an old thread, but does anyone have any reason to use an open bearing on the pto side? I tend to agree with @Sea Dood and plan on using two sealed bearings. Anyone try this before?

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