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    Overcharging battery. 17 volts when running

    Anyone ever hear of a stator overcharging a battery on a 2000 Polaris SLX 1200?

    When its running my computer is showing 17 volts. I have a gel battery

    Today my ground terminal on the battery melted. The positive cable to the starter was smoking also, melted the terminal at the starter.

    Anyone know what could cause this? Bad LR module (voltage regulator) maybe?

    Had to get towed to the dock again today... I hate this jetski I swaer to god

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    Sounds like the starter was continuously engaged while the engine was running. The heavy red STARTER MOTOR cable only feeds the starter motor and is not involved in charging.

    My guess is that the start solenoid has failed and remained stuck in the 'start' position even when you were not pressing the start button. If I am correct then the starter may also have been damaged from continuos operation which causes over heating and high revving. The solenoid certainly needs to be replaced.

    And you may need to replace the Bendix and/or flywheel if the ring gear teeth have been chipped or sheared from the Bendix trying to stay engaged.

    The stator alone does not overcharge the battery or create high voltage. The LR voltage regulator controls that. If the LR module has failed then the charging system stays at max output and voltage rises excessively as RPM rises.

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    I bought a new solinoid but it does not fit in the electrial box. The new replacement solinoid meant to reside outside the box. It has a plug on it as well that I dont have the plug for. Got any suggestions?

    I guess I am tearing the engine out a THIRD time in 2 weeks. Dammit.

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    That black solenoid in the photo is the type used on the Virage, Genesis and MSX models. However, that particular design has been superseded (twice) by newer versions that are more reliable. So not only are you showing the wrong part, that is an obsolete version of the wrong part.

    Use the Polaris Industries online parts diagrams to find the correct solenoid part number for your model. The correct Polaris web page can be found through my signature links, under Parts Sources.

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    The solenoid I have actually has a plastic back not a metal back. I posted that image to show the size difference.
    The one I have says part #4011043 on the package lot 3-22-12

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    Solenoid 2000 SLX 1200

    You have the wrong solenoid.

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