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    Polaris MSX150

    Have a 2004 polaris MSX 150 and this was capsized a year ago, had it in the shop and they cleaned out the oil in the system and replaced sensors which they said were bad, I was reading on the forum and decided to replace the oil sump with the new one for roll over protection, I finished installing last night and started today well when running now the engine will run high then low then high just flucuating and not running right at all any help would be great.

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    Clarify the timing of these two separate events.

    You rolled the ski a year ago and a shop fixed it. Did you run the ski after the fix? The ski ran fine? No issues?

    Then some time later you decided to install the improved and upgraded oil tank. And now it runs/idles different?

    Are you running in or out of the water? If out of the water, do you engage the reverse lever before starting to ensure the engine won't overrev?

    Any display warning light or indicators flashing?

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