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    Tell me about 2004 HONDA ARX1200T2

    Any one have experience with this ski?
    How well does it do in rough water? Turning charactoristics? Top Speed 61 mph? Reliability? Turbo waste gate issues? links to test reports? Any comparisons to others skis (Kaw 15F)

    Thanks in advance for your info.

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    Welcome Flytime! Glad to have you onboard. Hopefully, some of our Honda faithful will chip in shortly.

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    I have one of those models, and i had the 3 seater as well. Very nice ski, one of the best handeling skis i have ever ridden, top speed stock is about 61 to 62 just be sure to lube the turbo and you will never have a problem with it. It does a decent job in the rough water, it is not like the 3 seater but it will hold its own!


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    2004 Honda turbos

    It seams Honda has a bunch of these. I've seen 3 dealers offering these new in the create. Price range from $6,699 to $6,999. Why do they have so many left over for so long? Was it priced too high in 2004?

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    Red face Well..........................

    -Summer 2002. AQUATRAX commercials were being run here on Long Island NY. Me being a long time performance boater & having no interest in "jetskis".......the new four stroke Honda's caught my attention. With that said....I went on a hunt & was told by a local multi brand powersports dealer that Aquatrax was available thru a Honda only dealer.

    *I head directly to local Sunrise Honda. I was told by the salesman they wouldnt be getting any in until their service department was trained / certified for the new line. A dealer in Jersey was selling them but I didnt wanna be that far away from the "only" dealer in case I hadda bring the thing back. So I dropped the idea all together.

    -Winter 2006. 4 years later. I get interested again in ski's . I want something that isnt slow. Good on gas. Quiet. 3 seater. Decent storage. And wont ever need to be taken back to the "dealer" as long as I can help it. Vitaly's answer: Get a Honda dude !

    -I start checking around & see the leftover 2004's on Ebay. I take a ride to a dealer in the NYC area that has a few leftovers in his warehouse. I get the 2004 F-12X for $8300.00.

    - I tell my buddy. He goes there. Picks up the 2004 R12 for $5999.00.

    To answer your question: I think Honda just F'd up from the beginning with marketing.

    *I ride the bay & ocean. Except for the excessive spray directly in your eyes on the F12X ( which the RIVA splashguard once installed cures a big part of ) its a great all around do all economical sporty cruiser .
    The R12 is a great jumper & cuts chop well & is dry .

    Like I said. This ski will never see a dealer as long as I can help it.

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    The honda is a great machine. I'm a bit biased though.

    I have three turbos, 2 Rs and an F. I also have a non turbo R. You cant go wrong with the turbo two seater. Its plenty quick, good on gas and very dependable if cared for. They are the best deal in watercraft on the planet IMO.

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    Thanks for your reply.... I'm going to contune to look for more info on these.

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    Umm. No problem. Anytime. Dont mention it dude.

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    Well Honda makes a great auto, generator, lawnmower, ect... and I would not expect anything less when it comes to there ski. I have not heard anything bad from these so I would say go for it!!!!

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    Just bought one of these leftovers, out the door at $6235 with a 4 year warranty.

    BEST deal on the planet IMHO.

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