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Thread: New project???

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    New project???

    So if you look at my past posts you will see that I successively resurrected 2 Seadoos from certain death and now I am looking for a new project

    This is what I'm considering. According to the description its a 2003 speedster

    According to the description there is a engine damage and undercarriage damage. This could mean a lot of things so I will be inspecting it closely b4 I buy it


    What engines did they use on these? Do they have rotax 2 stroke or the mercury v6

    Anything I should know and to look for?

    Whats a restored boat like this worth???



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    Edit: It's not listed up here, but a quick look at the parts fiche says its a Mercury V6.


    NADA says value could be $10k-$20k

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    Man, BRP really took a huge leap backwards on the newer Speedsters versus the old.

    Five real seats, instead of the tight three and a half I've got in mine.

    A rear view mirror... what genius said those aren't needed anymore?

    A real boat engine (Mercury V6), versus a tiny jetski engine.

    No screwing around with the timebomb called a supercharger.

    Windscreens... again, what genius? I know my passengers are miserable at high speed without any kind of windscreen.

    The '03 even had a horn!

    Took A LOT of money to make my Speedster a decent boat, and I still don't have five seats, windscreens, or a horn.

    Go for it; could be an envious project.

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    I think the 1999 Speedster is the one to have. You get the body still like the one above, but with twin 782's.

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