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    Quote Originally Posted by Q in Arizona View Post
    Why Is This Crook Still in Congress? Ilhan Omar Paid ANOTHER $147,000 to Lover’s Firm Following $230,000 Donation from Her Campaign
    She's only the beginning...

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    all of these crooks are money laundering and no one will ever go to jail because of it. no one can call anyone else out on it because every single one of them is doing it.

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    House Now Investigating Whether Trump Lied to Mueller in Written Answers Provided in Russia Hoax Probe

    The House is now investigating whether Trump lied to Robert Mueller in written answers he provided to the Russia hoax special counsel team, the House’s general counsel said in federal court on Monday.

    The House is currently in court trying to obtain the secret grand jury material in Robert Mueller’s report that is still redacted.

    “Did the President lie? Was the President not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?” House general counsel Douglas Letter told the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit about why the House now needs access to grand jury material Mueller collected in his investigation, CNN reported.

    The House’s arguments Monday draw new focus to whether Trump had lied to Mueller following public revelations at Roger Stone’s trial this month.

    Former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates testified that Trump and Stone talked about information that was coming that could help the campaign in mid-2016, at a time when Stone was attempting to get secret details about stolen Democratic documents WikiLeaks had.

    Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort also apparently told the Mueller grand jury what Trump’s approach to WikiLeaks had been in 2016, according to the Mueller report.

    But Trump told Mueller in his written statements he didn’t recall discussing WikiLeaks with Stone.

    Last month Federal Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee sided with House Democrats granting them access to the secret grand jury information and underlying intelligence materials in Robert Mueller’s report stemming from a lawsuit filed in July.

    Judge Howell ordered the materials to be turned over later that day, but a three-judge panel blocked the order with an emergency stay late in the evening.

    A 3-panel judge of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency stay blocking the release of the secret grand jury material in Mueller’s report to the House Judiciary Committee.

    All three appellate judges on the panel, Patricia Millett, Cornelia Pillard and Robert Wilkins, were appointed by Barack Obama.

    A corrupt Obama judge blocked the emergency stay and a court battle erupted because the DC court had a temporary hold in place so now the desperate Democrats are in court arguing Trump may have lied to Robert Mueller as their reason for needing the secret grand jury material.

    Congressman Mark Meadows responded to the news and said, “The public isn’t buying their efforts to take down the President — and they know it.”

    Flailing. The public isn’t buying their efforts to take down the President—and they know it.
    — Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) November 18, 2019

    President Trump on Monday morning said he would consider providing the impeachment committee with written answers after Pelosi invited him to testify.

    Trump should not provide the Democrats with written answers because it will only be used against him as we now see the Dems are doing with his written answers provided to dirty cop Mueller.


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    You guys will love this,

    Apparently she's paying hush money to her former husband (the one who isn't her brother) to keep him from ruining her scam.

    "Omar made a separate side deal with Hirsi to continue his public silence. She has agreed to pay him $250,000 over time. None of this is reflected in the October 31 divorce decree itself."

    Quote Originally Posted by Q in Arizona View Post
    Why Is This Crook Still in Congress? Ilhan Omar Paid ANOTHER $147,000 to Lover’s Firm Following $230,000 Donation from Her Campaign

    Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch requested an ethics investigation in September into whether Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) improperly used campaign funds for her paramour, Tim Mynett.

    Judicial Watch expanded their request for an ethics investigation into Ilhan Omar after previously demanding a probe into allegations of marriage fraud, immigration fraud, tax fraud and identity fraud.

    There is overwhelming evidence that Ilhan Omar married her own brother to defraud US immigration. She also may have perjured herself several times in her divorce statements.

    Judicial Watch says there is enough evidence for the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation into Ilhan Omar.

    Via Judicial Watch:

    Judicial Watch announced today that it hand-delivered a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics calling for further investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar over new allegations that her alleged lover, Tim Mynett, received nearly $230,000 from her campaign since July 2018.

    The latest letter supplements Judicial Watch’s July complaint demanding an investigation of alleged marriage, immigration, tax, and other fraud related to the allegation that Rep. Omar had married her brother.

    The new campaign finance allegations arise as a result of divorce filings alleging the affair between Mr. Mynett and Rep. Omar.

    But the story does not end there.

    The New York Post discovered that Ilhan Omar gave an additional $147,000 to her lover’s firm than was previously known.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar paid her political consultant and lover almost $147,000 more for services than had previously been known, according to reports.

    The payments were in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars she gave to the company which had already been reported.

    Omar’s campaign funneled $146,713 into finance chief Tim Mynett’s consulting firm, ‘The E Street Group’ for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and video production, records show, reports the New York Post.

    That’s how much more the 38-year-old Minnesota lawmaker’s campaign pumped into Mynett’s firm since Peter Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center in October filed an an amended complaint into Omar’s campaign spending with the Federal Election Commission.

    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post

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