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    question about impeller damage

    I just purchased a 2009 speedster 150 with the 255hp engine. (thanks to this forum for helping me decide)
    Yesterday I got a little to close to the shore and I heard a few rocks get sucked into the pump and clunk around in there a little and then get pushed out. After that I felt like during acceleration the engine was overreving a little and it wasn't quite grabbing the water like it was before the rocks. When I got back to the shop I looked in there and there are a few nicks and gouges on the impeller. Nothing to serious, no chunks missing or anything, but it was perfect when I bought it so the rocks did do some damage.
    My question is, how much damage does it take to make a difference? Am I just imagining it because I was expecting it? I know it would be better if I had a picture, but i can't get a camera up there to take one.
    Has anyone on here changed an impeller before? Is it a big job?
    Also, does anyone know how to make a computer stop writing in italics?

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    inspect the "wear ring" around the impeller, you might need to replace that

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