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    need help

    hi i have just bought a rxp 2nd hand this is my second ski i have ever owed and this is all new to me what should i do to make it go better,faster and where do i get parts from here in qeensland for the right price, and does anyone know of any sites to tell me whats what and were everythning is in the jetski eg intercooler,thanks heaps sorry for being a newbe

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    This site is a great place for info as well as the tech bulletins on

    Way2fast on this board is a great source for OEM and Riva parts as well.

    Take some time and really look at threads and pictures on this site. It should really help out with many of your questions. There are a few low dollar do-it-yourself things you can do for speed.

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    Welcome, You are already off to a good start because you have found this site. There are literally thousands of "threads" on this forum that will answer just about any question you have and the ones that you have already asked. You can start by browsing the "Modifications" portion of this site.

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    go that that website which is the oroginal homepage of this website... it has tons of categories and pictures you can see in the "modifications category".... look thru it and see pictures and read.... then use the search feature at the top of this web page and type keyworks like air intake, exhaust, etc.... u'll get tons of info on what ur looking for.

    if from there things are uclear, feel free to ask away, we'll be glad to help.

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    thanks heaps guys for all your help

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    Timbo, like everyone has said, you found the best site by a mile for info on the RXP. If you can't find the info you need here, it doesn't exist. And if you have been on other sites, this one is different. We are all here to help one another. No question is too dumb - but look at the "modifications" portion of the home site and the "Important RXP Information" forum and use the search function, and I think you will find what you need. If not, just ask. Welcome aboard.

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