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    APBA scorer

    Maybe someone could get an official APBA scorer at mudbug in an effort make the fastest runs (official) like riva did on their 87.5 world record holder.
    Thats not even really fast anymore is it? Im sure this old world record will be crushed this year, and it would be nice to see it gone from rivas site also.. Been there how long now, with faster boats than the 87.5 becoming very common..

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    fast still i think so how many are faster on this forum 5 or so

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    There was talk last year of doing something after Kerry hit 88.5 I agree there should be some kind of official record of this un-sanctioned run what you brung radar event. I bet there will be at least 8 skis that break this record in 07

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    I was J/K about the 87.5 not being that fast.. Its still fast but fact of the matter is, its no longer the fastest, period. And not by just a little bit. Its 5.5 mph slower than kerrys 93 video, and wait till this summer. Im doubling your 8 to 16 that will be that fast or faster.... With Kerrys new package, Jims new plate and other advances, its gonna be fun.....

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