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    So who isn't on the water?

    Well many of us unlucky people don't live down south and have good riding weather all year round have to be stacking mods up or doing something to their ski as all this snow and ice falls. Show your mods or what you are going to slap on soon. Here is a pic of my pile of stuff stacking up.

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    What is that black nozzle for??? If it is one of them aftermarkets, the feedback that I got from some people that used it is that it slowed them down.

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    Nice mods Chris. What are the 2 black things in the top right corner that look like knee pads ? I Didnt get a chance at pics since most of it went on last weekend. I have 6" of snow on the ground so riding is out for now. The list was: reeds, jetworks, 3degree key, pump tunnel reinforce, D-plate, EFI, milled head, a bunch of DIY mods, and replaced the oil pump I broke Now it needs to warm up a little so I can see how much repitch I need.

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    pump tunnel reinforcment and exit nozzle

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    27 degrees and snow on the ground. Probably 3 1/2 months till launch.

    Adding VF3's, Lowell porting and a J-plate, tunnel reinforcement, CF seat that needs painted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hot and sunny here, but I broke my ride plate and just put new lights on the trailer. Back on the water in a few weeks!

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    I am swapping on the 87mm nozzle because my bike isn't turning the 14/20 above 6950, (fresh motor though, might turn more after it breaks in good). I figured that would but it about 7000 by it self and give me a better hole shot. Some other guys on here run the same thing. The other thing in the back ground is a blue glove box lid to match the front.

    Things that will most likely be added to the pile....

    140psi compression stock head
    pump tunnel reinforcement

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    Where do I start? I have a hull in my garage that I have done the tunnel reinforcement, replaced both bow hook inserts (what a PITA), repaired crack in the hull, installed new turf, and have installed everything except the engine, electronics, and pump. The BRAND NEW engine is sitting in Houston having gas valves and keyway installed. When the engine gets to my garage this weekend I will be installing VFIII's, blocking balance channels, and installing ADA head. After my carbs get back from Jim having atomizers installed, dry rotted diaphrams replaced, and a re-jet I will install them and plumb the fuel system. While I am waiting on the carbs I will assemble the pump using a custom pitched prop purchased from Ben (pitched by Island). Hopefully it will be running in a couple of months. I have already depleted the money set aside for this project, so I need a little while to build my stash back up. I need to take some pictures of progress being made on my project. A world of thanks goes out to WFO for letting me ask a lot of stupid questions!!!

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    A world of thanks goes out to WFO for letting me ask a lot of stupid questions!!!

    +1 He fielded a few for me also

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    Winter Projects

    IT looks like a lot of people have a lot of new winter projects going on during the off season. With a lot of folks trying to get more speed out of there skis when the weather gets better I am sure there will be some impressive speed numbers posted by some of them. We have not been sitting around the fire and drinking beer all winter here either( Just some of the time). Lots of new ideas and parts to test here also. The Fountian Boys!
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