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    I am upgrading my 2007 Ultra 250x Jet Pump Shaft and Bearings to the 2011 300x specs. I am ready to start putting it all together but my only questions is where does the Ring-O,49.7x2.4 Part #92055-0183 goes. The 07 did not have this o ring and Just need to see if some one has a picture or a diagram that can help me... Thanks Alex F.

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    I can't really tell where it goes either in the diagram....

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    I have a 2004 STX-12f, so if I buy all the parts shown in the picture I should be able to bolt the upgraded pump right into my ski?
    I'm confused when you say "What parts do you need in order to upgrade to 2012 setup?
    It depends what model year 15F/12F you have since there are several varieties." What parts will be different depending on the varieties?

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