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    2000 gpr 1200

    Having issues with my 2000 Yamaha 1200GPR bogging. Synthetic oil seemed to help but it still won't kick a** consistantly. I thought I might have a bad catalytic converter so I looked into that. I found a chip where the exhaust sensor should plug in so I figured someone had put in a D-plate already. I couldn't tell by looking at the outside of exhaust so dealer tells me to remove sensor and stick a bent hanger in to see if it dead ends at the Cat. I can run the hanger at least 1.5 feet forward in vehicle without hitting anything. Is it possible the previous owner(s) did not install a D-plate, but that the cat busted itself up and exited the exhaust? Is there a way to tell without removing complete exhaust? Also, the plugs I pulled seem kind of oily. Are there adjustments that need to be made for the oil injection?

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    Sounds like your carbs need to be rebuilt. In order to do that you need to remove the stinger and you can look inside for the D-plate.

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