Ok, I need some serious help here, this thing is driving me crazy!

Had problem starting my ski, checked it out & starter was bad. Drawing heaps of current & flattened battery.

I haven had it too long so replaced battery, cables & starter is working ok, new one on the way.

Now it has had int starting issues, usuall taking a long time to start.

Now it has no spark.

When I bough it, the dash (instruments) were fried, & have been unplugged, I did wonder why the thing started without needing the security code entered, but hey it did so who cared.

Now it has no spark...

I followed test procedures here & found that the brown wire to the stator had no power under crank.

I added power to that wire & it fired up & ran.

Great, so I made up a wire through a switch so I could start it that way.

When I had the wire installed, no spark again, power or not...

When I power up that wire, I get a return signal from the stator that suggests to me the stator is good, & the ignition controller is bad.

I have no power to the coil unit inside the electrical box from the ignition controller, I have no trigger signal to the coils (ie no dwell) to fire them.

So it appears the ignition controller has failed.

But, if I get another, will it start without tha code? with the MFD unplugged?

Does my diagnosis sound correct?

Any help I can get would be most appreciated...

PS: The jumper wire mod has been done, few other jumper wire mods in there too!