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    I haven’t seen a check valve fail with this modification, I believe it takes the pressure spike off the check valve and prolongs their life . Diaphragms fail before the check valves and fuel pressure drops . As you said rebuild every 3 yrs to keep everything reliable. I have just pulled apart my carbs after I noticed the pressure drop on the gauge I have installed. Diaphragm is leaking pulse pressure and not keeping up with fuel demand of my Triple piped GP1200R , better safe than sorry.

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    So how do you check fuel pressure on carbs. without this mod. ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by kartracer View Post
    So how do you check fuel pressure on carbs. without this mod. ????
    You canít.

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    95 main jets are hard to come by locally (M5 thread, 6mm round head). I have the old 95 pilot jets, but those are 4mm threads so won't screw into that last nipple. Here is one alternative to using the 95 pilot jet for the return using vacuum line couplers. I soaked one in gas last year and nothing happened fyi.

    1/4" and 1/8" nipples, drill out the 1/4" to size so the 1/8" friction fits, tap the 1/8" with M4 thread and finally trim them down to insert into the hose:

    And I did tap the last nipple so confirm it works. I only have a M5x0.8 tap, so the M5x0.7 jet will go half-way and start "self locking itself" which might be a good thing but could be a disaster to service/clean cause you might not be able to remove it:

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    I bought a 2001 model XR1800 ten years ago and did all the mods. It was a DOG due to unsolvable carb issues.Then the right engine blew for the third time. Everyone advised me to ďdump that boat!Ē

    But it I know it inside out and love the concepts in the XR1800, itís sleek lines, twin jets, etc, etc. Plus, it fits inside my home garage.

    9 years of searching for answers and trying everything to remedy that lousy carb hesitation! One day last autumn I stumbled upon the 2012 thread with OsadeBill writing out his carb mod Recipe, just before he died. That had to be it! So, I this time ordered a new rebuilt engine from SBT and chipped away at the project through the winter months in my house garage. I didnít know what many of the terms meant in the Recipe, but others on the forum described them, with photos. I went for it and drilled out the returns, added the 95 restrictor, made a pop off pressure gauge and adjusted the jet screws, replaced the oil and fuel lines, bought and learned to use twist wire pliers to clamp all those hose connections. I looked forward to moments when I could go out chip away at the project. Sadly, one day in January it was all completed, nor more project.

    I then researched how to break in the new jet ski engine. Made up a temporary separate fuel line for that engine to use breaking premix. Took it to Lake Samish and broke it in. All this spring and summer Iíve cruised around the San Juan Islands and fishes for salmon in Baker Lake. What a different boat!!! Hole shot every time, never stalls, bogs, or quits ever. Hardly see any smoke anymore either. Iíve added SmartTabs that made a huge difference, installed blue LED lighting throughout, plus 4 white LED interior lights, LED bow light, a detachable Scotty down-rigger, detachable transom mounted Minnkota 24V trolling motor, etc. Finally have a great XR1800 and all of you to thank! -JE

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    I know this is an old post. Is the 98 XL 1200 same as the gp ? Is the N/S 1.2 or change, any jetting needs done and last what pop off pressure.

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