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    Has anybody tried

    to make the botom of there ski or rideplate dimpled like a golf ball. I was thinking doing this would cut the surface area touching the water in half which would cut drag as well. This should also change the atmosphere under the ski at high speeds. If I were to use an old plate and a large drill bit and dimple the hell out of the plate in the drill press I wonder if it would help anything? If it helped I might try the entire back half of the ski. If its been tried already what were the results?

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    Unless your hull is 1" in diameter and flies through the air, I'd say it won't work. Hydrodynamics are different than aerodynamics. I think Billy posted a tech article on this somewhere...

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    The reason that a golf ball works the way it does is that it is spinning as it travels through the air. I know that this spinning helps to reduce the vacume created as it travels through the air vs a smooth ball. There is more to it though.

    I read an article where a guy tested a dimpled bodyboard vs. a smooth one in a tow tank. The claim was that the board was faster if it was dimpled. They did not find any significant difference between the two, but there was another thing they found unrelated to how the board was used. If the two were towed into waves, resistance was reduced on both boards, and significantly higher on the dimpled board. They found that the faster the board was towed, the less the risistance.... to the tune of 15%. Seems that the dimples have a tendency to "hold" air as they travel through waves which helps to reduce resistance.

    In another test it was discovered that random distortions helped to improve flow in a pipe as opposed to smooth pipe or pipe with uniform distortions.

    Bottom line:

    If you want to dimple up your plate, then do it with different size dimples. Not only that, expect to see speed increases only in water that is areated (small waves or chop).

    It would be interesting to test.

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    Good info. I have a stock plate just sitting collecting dust. When it warms up I will go ahead and try it. If it dont work Im not out anything but a little time. If it does work I will do it to my R&D plate also. Im just trying to leave no stone unturned.

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    I meet a guy with an RXP that had a cratered face because of acne and he was 1.5 mph slower than his older sister who was 20 pounds heavier than him.

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    Do a search for Fountain boats and look at the bottom. Dimples.

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    EXCEPT, you want the rideplate to not slip through the water. The rideplate on the GPR is used to lift the hull out of the water. If you provide less grip on the plate, the nose will fall, and you will have less speed.

    A bunch of us tried putting air in front of the rideplate a while ago, by drilling holes in the shoe.

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    i tried the dimple thing, my ski sliced to the left all the time, or was it hooked?

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    Ok, well if its been tried already theres no since looking under that rock. I will move on.

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