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    Please make prop recommendations - 2005 RXT w/X-charger

    I was in need of a prop before I put the X-Charger on. It was in pretty rough shape and I don't think a stock pitch prop is the ideal setup. I have not yet run wide open very long as I only have 8 hours on my rebuild. I have no problem spinning to 8200 rpm out of the hole.

    Currently I am stock except the XCharger. Next step will be to fill the ride plate. Probably then a pump wedge. I will probably add a 3 or 4" Kanaflex (or some other way to get more air in) and at that time will upgrade the injectors to 42#. I don't anticipate going beyond that, so I am looking for the best prop given where I am at and where I am going. It seems most setups in the forum that have an XCharger go beyond where I plan to stop my mods and therefore I am not finding a clear cut "best' prop.

    I am thinking a Sola Concord but open to recommendations. Will I spin a 14/19 effectively?


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    why do you think the fuel upgrade is no big deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    why do you think the fuel upgrade is no big deal?
    Cite me a case where 38# injectors and an XChrager on an otherwise stock machine has caused a lean condition that burned a piston or other damage for that matter.

    Based on my research 38# injectors are perfectly fine for a XCharger only upgrade and I have no concerns. If I burn it down I PROMISE I will come back and say I made a mistake so no one else makes the same. I am willing to accept the risks.

    I do however appreciate your concern and I will be upgrading my injectors soon enough purely as a natural progression. However, keeping my RPMs in check is a higher priority to me than more fuel.


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    I'm used Solas 14/19R with nozzle 82 mm.RIVA ECU/Injector 50 lbs, top speed approx 8450-8520 RPM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SingTH View Post
    I'm used Solas 14/19R with nozzle 82 mm.RIVA ECU/Injector 50 lbs, top speed approx 8450-8520 RPM.
    Your setup is quite a bit further than where I intend to go. So does that mean I will not be able to pull a 14/19R?

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    Did some more searching and I think I can pull a 14/19 - someone talk me out of it if I am making a mistake.

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