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    O.P., I actually really appreciate this thread. Quite some time now I have wanted to build such a trailer. I really don't even have that much use for it, but for some reason I just really wanna take on the project. So, anyway nice work man.

    About your 6 place trailer, have you considered doing the same length as your fourth place trailer and just making it a double decker in the back. I'm quite sure that with a trailer that long the second act would still be deep enough when you are back in far enough to launch the two front skis. I just think that would be really cool design.

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    Outstanding work! Do you mind sharing about how much you have into the project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceC View Post
    Outstanding work! Do you mind sharing about how much you have into the project?
    He did. Its there.

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    Do you have any of the dimensions written down ? Mostly want to know what your width is hub to hub and rail to rail.

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    Here is a 6place trailer while we were in Marco Island.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry, I haven't been getting updates about this thread and thought it just moved down so far on the list that it didn't show up anymore.

    Since I posted this I have since put a 5ft long 4"x1" solid plate welded above the tires on both sides. I felt there was too much flex for my liking and that was really the only pace that I didn't weld, well that fixed that problem quickly. Overkill, yes, but could you turn down a 10' 4x1" drop? It was perfect.

    My mom actually wanted me to built a 6 place that put 2 up top, but we haul 3 seaters for the most part. It seems like a great idea on paper.. but I worked at U-haul for a while and I'm very careful about what I haul, I have seen too many accidents with people loading trailers wrong, not enough tongue weight, not crossing chains, etc. My fear is that if I rear end someone, a wall, any reason the truck comes to a abrupt stop the skis will break loose and become rockets into the cabs.

    As far as cost I'm guessing around $4500, that I can account for. I know there is much more that I don't remember. I didn't really want to keep track, I know it was too much for something I could purchase for less. It wouldn't be a project I did unless it cost more than purchasing one would have cost. Although, I'd take mine over any $5,000 4 place triton trailer, and I came in far under the entrance cost of a shadow trailer. As I said before.. if anyone wants to purchase it, I will sell it at that price. I have towed it from Cleveland, Ohio to Lake Cumberland, KY at speeds over 90+mph.. It pulled flawlessly. Got lots of thumbs up along the way, kinda cool.

    As far as dimensions, what I did was measure my buddies new 2 place shorelander trailer that he tow's two new Yamaha's with and try to replicate that. If you really want them, I'd be glad to measure anything you want. I defiantly want to see what you make with it though! Actually.. save your self the hassle, just buy mine. The bunks were 15degree angles.. 2ft measured from the outsides of the 2x4 boards.. starting on the outside rail of the boat trailer working in.

    Two weeks ago.. I bought a new trailer for Trailer Project 2012 Round 2. Here is what it looks like now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Its a 2002 Performance Gooseneck.. I will never come close to over loading it, they used it to haul 2 full sized trucks, crew cab, 8ft bed. Or 3 cars. It has a 38' deck on it. I'm thinking giving each ski 12ft starting at the back and moving forward then having a nice box up front to store life jacks, gas, whatever I can think of. I know I will have issues at some docks. My local slip that I use the guy was nice enough to let me borrow the trailer for a couple hours so I could go throw it in and see how she did, I think I hit some silt, but I believe it has gravel under as the trailer itself did not sink after letting it set there for like 5 mins.

    Goals for this trailer:

    6 ski's minimum.. If I can get like 2 more stand up on the top of the gooseneck and a easy way to get them there, this will be done.
    Everything must be completely removable, at the end of the day I still want to be able to haul cars for going to the track, quads etc. (I know selling a 6 place ski trailer won't happen. However, people will buy a car hauler)
    Bunks for all skis should all be completely independent of each other. So say in the winter I can use them as "stands" per say and not have to find someone to let me store this trailer. Just the ski's on their stands.
    I need a system for moving the ski's forward and backwards on the trailer with minimal physical effort. Not sure how to do this yet.

    Here are a couple more pics.

    (Had to show it attached to the toy hauler right?)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is what it looked like at the local dock. Not bad, but as I said I know I'll have issues at smaller docks that we use to go on the rivers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I probably wont start this project for a couple months, unless someone buys my trailer soon? Then the next day, construction will begin. If you guys have any ideas or input. I'd LOVE to hear it. When I actually start working on it, I'll probably start a new thread so you guys can follow along. I didn't realize there were this many people that liked trailers as much as myself.

    Thanks guys! I enjoy all the feedback. I will take it all, positive and negative.

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    Did you ever build the trailer?

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    No.. Unfortunately most of the people I rode with the first year that rode a bunch I think only took their ski out maybe 2x this year so it wasn't worth it for me to take on the project and to be honest, I still love my four place. I try to ride 3x a week minimum. It did come in handy for sled season though, then I sold it in the spring. I would to have loved to finished it though I think I could have made a bad ass trailer.
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    I understand how hard it is to get a group together on the skis. I have a 3 place trailer and we only got them out a couple of times last summer. Bought a Sea Ray cruiser that my wife and I spend weekends on and a Pursuit off-shore fishing boat (if only we could swap the work week/weekend to 2 days worked and 5 day weekends).

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