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    Tigershark Parts

    It seems there is no longer a Tigershark Parts/Classifieds section so I thought I would just post it here. I have been parting out a lot of Tigershark machines if you need any parts PM me or Email me at for the fastest reply. I have a lot of parts! Let me know what you need!



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    Need starter and complete jet pump 96 Monte Carlo

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    There still is a tiger shark classified section,its a sub section of the general classified section.Also i would be interested in any 1100 cylinders,crank,heads you might have.

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    Ive got the starter you are looking for

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    Just PM me if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensenciv10 View Post
    Just PM me if you are interested.

    Tigershark 1100 engine does anyone have??? Or engine parts I.e pistons and crank??

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