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    Help GOOD Sea Doo Tech.

    Does anyone know of a GOOD Sea Doo Tech. in the D.C. area. I need someone to go thru my RXP and GTX SC. I what to also have them install steel clutch washers and new SC impellers. Thanks for the help.

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    just ship them 2 jerry aka Green Hulk he's fair on prices and he'll treat u right

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    I sent Jerry the superchargers from my RXP and RXT,he went through them and put in steel washers,I got them back quick and the price was very good.Now I'm thinking that maybe I should have put a RR wheel in when it was apart.Something else to think about
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    Jerry did both mine also but not everyone is has the mechanical aptitude to pull the SC's out. Especially if they're a newbie.

    Sounds like this person needs someone to look over their purchase and install new washers.

    I'm sure someone will post a good shop in your area.

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