Here they are. I did some cosmetic work on the motor. It runs great, but it looked like garbage with all of that peeling and chipping blue west coast paint. I grinded, sanded, and prepped the pipe, and the head, and primered them and painted them, and finally clear coated them. I put new fuel lines, cleaned the carb, cleaned out the gas tank, and put new plugs. I tried cleaning the bilge but gave up after picking up endless pieces of rust with my magnet. The mounting plate for the motor was rusted so that made a mess. I scraped as much as I could and then cleaned the bilge out. Its all ready to go now. I just need to toss is my battery, and put in some fuel. I am guessing this thing needs 89 or 93 octane because the domes that were in the head looked to be pretty small. I'm guessing it is much higher compression. I will do a compression check and if it is 150 psi or less I will use regular. Check them out. Oh and that hull without a motor I was talking about that is for sale cheap, is the red one. Looks pretty good doesn't it? The blue one with the stickers is the one with the motor in it. Enjoy. Charlie